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Booking a place at Quackers After School Club

Before booking a place at Quackers After School Club at Hermitage,  you must register your details using the website below.


Once registered you can download  booking forms and submit a booking. Registration and booking forms, along with key information such as prices, Club Contact Numbers, Ofsted Number and more information about types of booking can be found on the website




Term and Conditions and Prices can be found on the Booking Forms located on the website.  Quackers After School Club at Hermitage accept Childcare Vouchers and online transfers as means of payment.



Please note, Quackers After School Club at Hermitage is an independent service provider to the school.  Any queries you may have should be directed to the service provider.  If you need to communicate any messages with regards to your child attending the club, these need to be directed to the service provider even if you have communicated with the school separately (e.g. including, but not limited to communications regarding (i) absence of a child booked into the Club but is now not attending, (ii) late arrival for collection of your child, (iii) ad-hoc request to attend the Club, (iv) another (approved) adult is collecting your child for you on a given day etc.).