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Subject Focus - Outdoors Learning


Hermitage School is fortunate to be situated within a rural setting, which includes woodland, grassland, Furze Hill Butterfly Meadow, and Oare pond land which are an integral part of our teaching and learning. As well as opportunities to visit historic sites, within walking distance, such as Oareborough Hill and Grimsbury Castle. Outdoor learning is a broad term that includes discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world, and engaging in environmental and adventure activities. Children have opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills which link closely to successful learning/learning to learn enabling all to flourish in our world. Outdoor learning takes place on our school grounds as well as local woods and surrounding area.

At Hermitage Primary School we recognise that many curriculum subjects can be successfully delivered in the outdoor environment, enabling learners to broaden their experiences. Where possible we provide first-hand experiences, outdoors, designed to enrich and enhance the children’s in-school learning experiences and understanding, to motivate our young people to become successful learners and to develop as healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible citizens. By providing the children with outdoor opportunities, our students develop the skills of enquiry, critical thinking and reflection necessary for them to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of their adult life, and contributes to physical and mental health, emotional well-being, as well as personal and social development.

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